Adjustable Hella / DIN or Standard Cigarette Lighter Plug to Micro USB Charger (sku 10203)

Adjustable Hella / DIN or Standard Cigarette Lighter Plug to MicroUSB Charger (sku 10203)
Código: 10203
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Descripción del producto


  • This versatile cable can plug into either the Hella / DIN type socket or the standard size cigarette lighter socket, by removing or adding  the red cap
  • This plug can also be adjusted to a right angle, straight on or twisted so that it can fit many angles
  • Length: 1.7 Meters
  • This cable has a male MicroUSB connector which is straight.
  • There is a weather cover to protect the MicroUSB when not in use
  • The MicroUSB can be used to charge GPS Devices etc.
  • This cable features a regulated power supply inside the lighter plug, which reduces the vehicle voltage to the level specified for the device on charge
  • Not compatible with Motorola mobile phones


Product code: CLC07B

Información adicional

Información adicional

Bullet 1 No
Bullet 2 No
Bullet 3 No
Bullet 4 No
Bullet 5 No
Manufacturer BuyBits
Brand Universal
Mounting Type No
Color Black


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Etiquetas del producto

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