Tetrax Xway Universal GPS SatNav Magnetic Holder for Car Air Vent Slats (sku 9477)

Tetrax Xway Universal GPS SatNav Magnetic Holder for Car Air Vent Slats (sku 9477)
Código: 9477
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Descripción del producto


Genuine Tetrax Xway Invisible Attraction System vehicle air vent mounting solution for GPD SatNav systema, mobiles & smartphones.

Unique and stylish this is an air vent phone mount with a difference.

The Tetrax XWAY vent mount incorporates magnets in a thermoplastic structure and is designed to hold the majority of satellite navigation systems currently available.
This practical, lightweight system is very discrete.
Unlike cheaper plastic clip styles of vent mounts this single screw fixing holds without fuss, is simple to fix and quick to remove.
A vent mount allows the driver to interact with the navigator in total safety without obscuring visibility.

How does it work?
The Tetrax Geo Line Vent Mount consists of a rotating ring which activates a screw and unscrew a pliers system which is coated in an anti-abrasion rubber to protect your vent slats.
The X design of the Fixway creates a malleable cross frame which when applied to the magnetic attachment point holds your device securely.
The X frame is coated with anti vibration rubber for a perfect stability.
Note: opposite poles layout avoids any magnetic interference with your electronic device)
Ergonomic in design, hard wearing and unalterable over time
Supplied with a variety of magnetic pads, all of your hand-held tech can be held on the same mount.

The Invisible Attraction system and make this one of the most attractive air vent mounts currently available.

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Información adicional

Información adicional

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Manufacturer Tetrax
Brand Universal
Mounting Type Vent
Color Black


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